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Exstar Acquired By Circuit Breaker Sales Northeast Inc.

CBSNE Enters Boston with Exstar, Inc., Acquisition

Seymour, CT, April 29, 2019 - Circuit Breaker Sales Northeast Inc., a leading provider and servicer of new and used circuit breakers, switchgear, and related components, has acquired Exstar, Inc., to expand its equipment services in the Boston area.

Located in Stoneham, MA, Exstar specializes in the maintenance, testing, and replacement of power distribution equipment. The company is best known for safe and cost-effective testing and servicing of electrical equipment. CBS Northeast plans to expand Exstar's hardware services, as well as the company's existing breaker shop.

CBSNE's full range of services will be available at the Boston location, including remanufacturing, reconditioning, and repair of all types of electrical equipment; life extension, retrofits, and retrofill services; and emergency field services.

Exstar president Ralph Vito and vice president Chuck Disciscio, each who have more than 30 years of experience in the field, will join CBSNE. "We are expanding Exstar's already strong capabilities in the marketplace to perform more circuit breaker and switchgear work," says John Namnoum, president of CBSNE. "Ralph's and Chuck's longtime respected foothold in Boston will go a long way to accomplish these goals."

All senior technicians at Exstar have a minimum of 25 years of working for General Electric (GE) in the switchgear field. They have also been GE factory trained and have worked with the GE factory to repair problems with new equipment.

To learn more about the new Boston facility, call (781) 438-7770.

About Circuit Breaker Sales Northeast, Inc.
Part of the Group CBS family of electrical equipment supply and service companies, CBS Northeast (Seymour, CT) has provided power distribution products, parts, and services to commercial, industrial, municipal, and utility customers in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic for more than 22 years. For more information, visit or call 203-888-7500.

  • About Exstar Inc.

    "What makes you different" A great question that a new customer put to me

    Well lets start with our company name Exstar. It is an acronym for "Experienced Switchgear Test And Repair"

    Experience ? What experience do we have with switchgear?

    Each of our senior techs have a minimum of 25 years of working for GE in the switchgear field on all manufactures equipment. All have worked in difficult conditions and have succeeded with helping our customers get there equipment back in service.

    All of our senior techs have also been GE factory trained and have worked with the GE factory to repair problems with new equipment.


    We do many kinds of testing on all types of power delivery equipment

    High current testing on circuit breakers

    Secondary injection testing

    Insulation resistance & contact resistance testing

    MV Cable testing

    High pot testing

    Transformer testing

    Turn to Turn ratio testing

    Power Factor testing

    Oil sampling

    Relay testing

    Meter installation

    Service & Repair , this is what separates us from most of the competition

    We service ,troubleshoot & repair all manufactures circuit breakers.

    Most metal clad circuit breakers need service to stay in good working condition just testing is not enough.

    Servicing means cleaning insulation surfaces, checking interlocks and relubricating bushings and bearings.

    We have worked with vendors from all manufactures parts both new and used to be able to get parts as quickly as possible.

    Most of our customers have known us for many years and have put there trust in us. Keeping that trust is what we strive to do for all our customers.

    Thank you,

    Ralph Vito President

    Charles Disciscio Vice President

    Exstar Inc.