Circuit Breaker Sales NE -  Boston Service Center
Exstar Acquired By Circuit Breaker Sales Northeast Inc.

  • Exstar Services

    Maintenance, Testing & Replacement of Power Delivery Equipment

    Circuit Breaker Service & Testing
    Inspection of the mechanical operation
    Inspection and cleaning of insulation surfaces
    Inspection and re-lubrication of bearings and bushings
    Inspection and service of the main and arcing contacts
    Checking of all dimensional checks (gaps & wipes)
    Insulation resistance measurements
    Contact resistance measurements
    Primary injection or secondary injection testing
    Operational electrical testing (open, close & trip)

    Circuit Breaker Repair,Upgrade & Replacement
    On-site troubleshooting
    Solid State Conversions
    Minor & Major Overhauls
    Breaker duplicating and swap-out with single short 30 min outage

    Cable Testing
    480 volt to 15kv
    Dc Hi Pot testing
    VLF testing
    Insulation Resistance measurements
    Maintenance and acceptance testing

    Transformer Service & Testing
    Oil sampling
    TTR ( Turn to Turn Ratio )
    Insulation resistance measurements

    Service Schedule Management
    Equipment surveys
    Testing schedule management
    Infrared Scanning

    Equipment Assessment & Replacement
    Consulting and project planning
    Turn Key project management
    Power delivery equipment replacement

    We also Sell surplus supplies for equipment

    Contact us for more information on our services and about supplies

    AK2A-50 Rebuilt and Upgraded to State of the art GE Entelliguard TU Trip System

    AK1-25 Rebuilt and Upgraded to State of the art GE Entelliguard TU Trip System

    Relay Testing, Breaker control & Medium Voltage Service

    Infrared Scanning is a cost effective way to check for problems before they cause damage & unscheduled outages

    Infrared image of image above showing a loose connection point that can now be repaired before the wire or component is damaged.